b'4 Discover the Undiscovered Travel Tool KitGet HereCRWHercules, Wildlife PatrolWest Virginia International Yeager Airport (CRW)West Virginia International Yeager Airport (CRW) offers Fly into West Virginia International Yeager Airport competitive airfare to destinations worldwide with nonstopand meet Hercules, the Wildlife Patrol employee who flights to leisure and business destinations aboard American,helps keep everyone safe for take offs and landings. Delta, United, and Spirit Airlines. Convenient parking withinOnce in the airport, you can see Herc and his pals walking distance of the terminal and security lines with shortroaming around saying hi.waiting times make CRW one of the most passenger-friendly airports in the nation. CRW is a breeze to get to, its justminutes from downtown Charleston and the intersectionof three major interstates. As the largest airport in the state and continually growing, CRW is on a mission to become the most important eco-nomic engine in the State of West Virginia through advances in aerospace and education. With the addition of Marshall Universitys Bill Noe Flight school on airport grounds and the newly opened international Customs facility, CRW is setting the bar for the future of all things aviation. Whether its increasing military training operations, exploring emerging technology, or educating the next generation of pilots, its all happeningat CRW - and it starts at home. yeagerairport.com'