b'Discover the Undiscovered Friendly NeighborsNitrocharlestonwv.com 31NitroWelcome to BoomtownBorn as a World War I boomtown to manufacture gun powder for war efforts, Nitro supplied American Soldiers, also knownDough Boy Statueas Doughboys, with ammunition that helped win the war. Doughboys stand watch today over Nitro in the form of patriot-ic statues, and on Nov 10, residents join area veterans groups to commemorate the end of WWI and honor the service of all veterans who paid the ultimate price protecting our country.onion rings, and other pub grub. Wash it down with theThe 13 American flags at a monument located between Firstsignature Bloody Mary. Theyve been in business since 1960, Avenue and Bank Street are lowered that evening, then raisedso you know theyre doing something right. Because ofagain at sunrise on Nov 11. lottery rules, Katherines Caf is for those 21 and over.Nitro is a great place for adults to have a little fun! Enjoy a couples night any day of the week at Mardi Gras Casino andNitroResort.Wine and dine yourselves, then chance your luck on slots, table games, sportsbook, or live greyhound racing.Come for the evening or spend the night at the resort thatSignature Events:adjoins the casino. Run for the Wall Motorcycle Event - MayCity of Nitro Fishing Tourn. - July - SeptIf youre wanting to test your luck but not into the casinoVeterans Day Ceremony - Novscene, drop by Katherines Caf on Bank Street for travel keno and some of the best bar food in the area. Period. Choose fromHometown Haunts: a military-themed menu that includes Detonation Nachos, theDough Boy Statues & Military MonumentsBoomtown Burger, and an Infantry Sub, plus fresh hot fries, Ridenour Lake and FacilitiesMardi Gras Caino'