Charleston Needs: Cafe’ Appalachia

At Cafe’ Appalachia, you’re getting more than a meal – you’re a part of a food initiative to provide wholesome, nutritious meals while also nourishing the soul of the community.

Café Appalachia is a social enterprise of Pollen8, a nonprofit organization that creates social programs for families impacted by the drug epidemic in West Virginia. The Café offers a breakfast menu all day Wednesday – Sunday, starting at 7:30am with their signature coffee infused with made from scratch simple syrups by a ReIntgr8 participant trained as a barista.

The lunch menu is served Wednesday – Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Based on popular demand, the menu is filled with some of Appalachia’s favorites that is grown at one of our many grow-sites and rotates on a seasonal basis.  Their menu is simple and delicious as to provide a structured learning environment for the women in the ReInteg8 program to master these recipes. You can view the menu on Facebook.


All the food is grown onsite in their garden or locally sourced, as much as possible. Café Appalachia continues to expand community engagement and long-term sustainability through partnerships with local establishments that include Charleston Bread Company, DiTrapano Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Buzz Foods, Gordon Foods, and Paradise Farm which is a part of KISRA.

In addition, they are growing a movement through Citizen Farmers, a growing number of individuals who are volunteers, donors, helping change the narrative of addiction in West Virginia. This includes creating space for the community to come together to understand the difference of a person in active addiction and recovery, give support to those living in long-term sobriety, and sharing the mission and message of the organization.


Through the Cafe’, they teach valuable life skills to women in long-term recovery through  programs and partnerships.  We provide ongoing support and job training to help women return to their families and society with their greatest opportunity for long-term sobriety.  Additionally, teaching people how to grow healthy foods, fix nutritious meals, and understand the importance of a balanced diet. ​


By nourishing the body and the mind through quality food and service to others, the Cafe’ provides a holistic approach to help change the narrative in West Virginia as it relates to health and wellness.

Everyone eats at the Cafe’, so individuals who are hungry but can’t afford a meal can volunteer in the garden or provide additional services in exchange for the same warm, nutritious meals other guests receive.