Savor & Sip: Exploring Some of #CWV’s Food and Beer

Lefty’s Place at Short Story Brewing – 186 Summers St.

Pair your craft beer with one of Lefty’s Pizzas. Made in-house, the crust is thick and fluffy with a crispy and crunchy outer layer. The pies are finished off with a top layer of marinara. Other menu items include pepperoni balls, calzones, and salads. Add garlic sauce to any order to make the meal complete. We recommend ordering pepperoni balls, the Betty White and Room to Roam.

Adelphia Sports Bar & Grill – 218 Capitol St.

One of Charleston’s most popular sports bars is open late and always airing your favorite games. In addition to award-winning chicken wings, Adelphia offers a variety of bar food with a Greek twist.

Who doesn’t love fried cheese? Adelphia’s most famous appetizer is Deep Fried Feta! They take a large piece of fresh feta cheese, fry it, serve it on a warm pita with a tomato salad with a drizzle of Yia Yia’s dressing. If you prefer to stick to America food, try one of the burgers or entrees.

Fife Street Brewing – 180 Summers St.

A menu full of grilled cheese, yes please! There is a reason grilled cheese sandwiches are one of the best sandwiches of all time. And now you can enjoy an elevated version while sipping on Charleston-brewed beer. From the classic Quartet that includes cheddar, gruyere, fontina and American cheeses to the Crab Rangoon, Fife Street has it.  Looking for something lighter? Fife Street Brewing offers salads and snacks – don’t miss the chips and dip with homemade caramelized onion dip.

A variety of beers are in constant rotation, including fan-favorites Charleston Beer, a golden ale, Chuck’s P-52 Porter for beer drinkers who like the darker side, and Charlie West Coast IPA. Check the website for what is on tap before you head out.

Black Sheep Burrito and Bad Shepard Beer Co. – 702 Quarrier St.

Regardless of the question, tacos are always the answer. Black Sheep offers a “flock of tacos” you can personalize to try multiple proteins. We recommend venturing away from the classics. If you like spicy, try the Baaa’d A$$ with habanero death sauce.

Classic offerings include cheese or chicken quesadillas, nachos, and an appetizer trio that includes salsa, queso and guacamole. Black Sheep also offers vegan options with tofu and vegan chorizo.

A spicy meal just isn’t complete without a blackberry thyme margarita or one of the fresh brewed beers. The Loud, the American IPA, is a local favorite.