WV Related Podcasts

Looking for something new to listen to? With the help of Shine on WV, we have a list of WV podcasts to break up your days.

Stories from the Cellar: It’s well known West Virginia is home to some of the best storytellers in the world. But you might not know that our tradition of storytelling goes way beyond the classic tall tales and big fish stories! Join us in Huntington, WV for a night of REAL stories told by everyday people. Stories from the Cellar is a companion podcast to our live show (of the same name) hosted at the Cellar Door by Huntington Comedy and Kyle Vass.

Mountain Stage: The Mountain Stage Podcast is the complete recording of the entire show. It features songs that were cut from the radio for time, and it is the only place you can hear the full finale song. Episodes become available for download about 10 days after the premiere broadcast date. If you’re looking for a recent show and can’t find it, chances are it hasn’t been posted yet. We have Spring and Fall seasons of new broadcasts, so if you heard a recent show but don’t see it at the top of the feed, just scroll back a few weeks or use the search function to find a specific artist.

The McElroy Family: Home of all things McElroy Family.

Death, Sex & Money with Anna Sale: Death, Sex & Money was born out a desire for open and honest conversations about the things that we “think about a lot and need to talk about more.” Since host Anna Sale launched the show in May 2014, our show has featured intimate conversations with celebrities and listeners about money, relationships, infidelity, career shifts, parenting, mental illness, divorce, gender identity, dying, and more.

The Cryptid Keeper: What common ground do an Appalachian folklorist and a horror-savvy scream queen have? Cryptids. Come laugh, learn, and get creeped out!

Inside Appalachia: Inside Appalachia tells the stories of our people, and how they live today. Host Jessica Lilly leads us on an audio tour of our rich history, our food, our music and our culture.

Stay F Homekins: Dispatches from the Haddad/Tompkins household during our Great National Self-Isolation. Comedian Paul F. Tompkins & actress Janie Haddad Tompkins are married and just like everyone else, are stuck at home in Los Angeles.

Us & Them: Us & Them is a podcast exploring all sides of the cultural issues that too often divide us. Peabody Award winner Trey Kay brings us stories that may make you rethink your opinions on cultural issues.

Radio Disney Host Daniel Dudley: Daniel Dudley provides artist and athlete interviews, top stories and tips that connect music and sports for families each week.


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