Water is the Special Ingredient


Unique stickers at The Bullock Distillery.

The Bullock Distillery, located in the heart of Charleston’s Elk City Historic District, is a craft spirits distillery offering bourbon, gin, moonshine, and vodka. Organized by Dusta Tanner, John Bullock and Tighe Bullock in 2017, the Bullock Distillery operates in an historic building in the Elk City district of Charleston’s West Side. Both the Tanner and Bullock families have histories with distilling: The Tanner Family made moonshine in Roane County, West Virginia, while the Bullock family has produced spirits in Robeson County, North Carolina, since before the American Revolution.Merchandise for sale at The Bullock Distillery.

The spirits Bullock produces also contain a special ingredient. In addition to locally sourced grains, Bullock’s spirits are distilled and proofed with fresh, limestone water from Greenbrier County, WV. The underground water is filtered naturally by Karst limestone giving it the natural sweet flavor distillers claim is the special ingredient.

Available products include vodka distilled from grapes and White Dog Moonshine 100 Proof corn “likker.”

T-shirt for sale at The Bullock Distillery.Gin offerings include barrel-rested gin and Jupiter Gin, the latter inspired by late local artist Charly “Jupiter” Hamilton, whose art is featured on each bottle and across the street from the distillery in the outdoor mural Hamilton painted himself.

Bullock’s and Tanner’s Select are the distillery’s bourbon offerings. Tanner’s is a six-year single barrel bourbon, while Bullock’s Bourbon is a “marriage” of four-, five-, and six-year barrel-aged bourbons.Barrels of bourbon at The Bullock Distillery.

Once you’ve tasted the spirits and chosen your favorite, shop for swag! Bullock-branded drinkware and apparel make great souvenirs and gifts. The distillery also offers a selection of ingredients to help kick your mixologist skills up a notch, like flavored simple syrups and imported olives and cherries. Shop for local sauces, salsas, and other tasty treats to go along with your spirits.

Tours, tastings, and merch are available during regular business hours at Bullock Distillery, 121 Washington Street West, Charleston, WV, (681) 205-2770. Check out the website for hours and scheduled events.