The Pitch

A bloody mary cocktail at The Pitch.

The Pitch is a hit! This cozy sports bar opened just prior to the pandemic, so for many diners in our area it remains undiscovered. When you’re ready to head over to the Shawnee Sports Complex for a dine-in meal, start with a loaded Bloody Mary and Pretzel Bites & Beer Cheese. This beer cheese is the Pitch’s own Kolsch Queso, a delightful upgrade to traditional beer cheese. The portion was more than ample for two, and the pretzel bites were equally delicious the next day when reheated.

Pretzel bites with a beer cheese sauce at The Pitch.

The Bases Loaded Pizza is a homerun with this diner! Featuring house red sauce, cupping pepperoni, local Angelo’s sausage, chopped olives, roasted red peppers, and fresh mozzarella and parmesan, this pizza goes on the list as one of the best in the Valley! The Detroit-style crust, which is thinner than Chicago-style, lends hearty support to all those toppings. Like the pretzel bites, this pizza is great reheated at home, so be sure to have the staff box up your leftovers.

Hungry for a hotdog? The West Virginia Boom Stick is on the menu! A large hotdog split and grilled. Topped with house chili and slaw, green chile queso and chopped onions. On a buttered bun. It is amazing, but messy. Be ready to use your utensils to dig into this dog!

A loaded hot dog with chips at The Pitch.

The Pitch offers dessert – if you have room – plus a kids’ menu.

For a complete beer list, visit The Pitch’s Facebook page.