The Grill

Driving down Washington Street on Charleston’s West Side, you may have noticed an unassuming brick building front with blackletter type, reading “The Grill.” What you might not realize is that this is the most popular dining spot in Charleston you’ve never heard of. Wander in during the lunchtime and you will find the place well-attended with regulars, from the young professional crowd, to Charleston’s movers and shakers, to retiree lunch clubs who have been frequenting for decades. The Grill has been a staple on Charleston’s West Side for 65 years.

Roger Arthur opened The Grill on the West Side in 1955, where it then moved to its current location on Washington Street to accommodate interstate construction. His son Dave has carried on the family tradition of home-cooked food with a friendly smile, where both the staff and customers give it a downright neighborly atmosphere.

Everybody has their favorite dish, and each visit you will discover something new and delicious-sounding slapped up on the daily special board. The burgers (made with grass-fed local beef!), hotdogs, and fries are easy wins that can’t be beat. But you might also try the famous wings and cornbread, the chicken salad platter, or the crunchy taco salad.

No matter what you order, you will get that extra something special that enhances your plate—whether it’s the freshest tomatoes sourced straight from the Capitol Market, or sweet iced tea served the old-fashioned way with a long serving spoon. These small touches will make The Grill one of your new favorite stops.