Take a Driving Tour through Public Art Spaces

As a cultural hub of West Virginia, public art is a pillar of the Charleston community. Viewing it is a perfect social distancing activity, and you don’t even have to leave your car if you decide on a driving tour. But if you do want to freshen up your social media feed for spring, a striking mural makes the perfect inspirational backdrop (just be sure to wait your turn and maintain distance if others are already there enjoying).

This public art map of Charleston will guide you to nearly all the locations in the city. You’ll find the “West Side Wonder Mural” by artist Charly Jupiter Hamilton, which weaves historical figures, famous Charlestonian faces, and cheeky nods to the city’s history throughout the work. And if you’ve never taken the time to admire it, be sure to check out “Deep Roots, Long Reach,” the kinetic sculpture in front of the Coliseum & Convention Center by artist Harry McDaniel. It moves beautifully in the wind!

Note that the map doesn’t include some recent projects like “The Dreamer” mural on the West Side, an awe-inspiring piece that unveiled this past fall. See how many on the list you can check off: bonus points if you hunt down more.

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