Sternwheel Slamboree

Inaugural Regatta Championship Match

Josh Williams vs Troy Parker

Josh Williams is the firecracker of The Working Class. The east Kentucky native is explosive like a bottle rocket but his tactics also resemble that of a sidewinding black snake. His short time in the profession has already been paved with championship gold, and the ASW X Division Champion has been an antagonizing thorn in the side of his opponent, Troy Parker. The ACE of the Powerslam Academy, Parker himself boasts a waist of gold, as the well-travelled vet of the tri-state’s regional scene became the first ever Powerslam Pro Wrestling Grand Champion. Both competitors’ potential is limitless, and the disparity in their styles makes this a must-see match-up. The disgust between these two competitors has been evidenced on a few occasions, yet neither seems to gain ground against the other enough to satisfy their continued disdain. Both men see themselves at the top, but there is only room there for one.

Women’s Division

Sydney Powers vs Nurse Mika

Nurse Mika retains the mental and physical tenacity it takes to rise to the top of the nursing profession, and that same tenaciousness informs her in-ring work between the ropes. There’s no more brutal treatment plan for her opponents should this nurse be paged to address their bad attitudes. She’s the most loved attendant in her specialized unit, and equally beloved by wrestling fans in the many states in which she’s appeared.

Sydney Powers emerges at the Sternwheel Slamboree with a chip on her shoulder and she’s had enough of medical professionals dictating her course. While Nurse Mika has been building her reputation, Powers has been through intense rehabilitation after an injury that stalled her promising young career. Forced to watch her peers realize their dreams the Martinsburg, WV native lived her own nightmare in real time. Motivated by six months of physical therapy and a relentless training schedule, Powers is back in record time,  looking to make a statement at the healing hands of Nurse Mika.

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The Main Event


Current star of Impact Wrestling, Pineville-raised Heath has been a tag team champion on numerous occasions in every company he’s worked. From his stint with the Nexus, to his recent record title reign with the war machine Rhino, Heath has forged a legacy that has lead him to challenge for the prestigious All Star Wrestling Heavyweight title just 2 weeks ahead of the Sternwheel Slamboree. Whether or not the Red Headed Rebel topples the Indy God Matt Cardona, there is another West Virginia native, Cole Karter, standing by for a chance to make a name for themselves at the hands of the veteran.

Poised to become the next West Virginian to shine on the national scene, Karter has made high profile TV appearances on BOTH of the major wrestling companies in the last few years and sees a clear path to stardom that runs through Heath. The frequent Pro Wrestling Conquest competitor arrives at Sternwheel Slamboree looking to solidify his burgeoning legacy.

ASW Title Tag Team Match

Since winning the ASW tag team titles last year, the lovable underdog duo of DDTRash have been the most wildly captivating tag team in the entire region. With their Smash Mouth style and unhinged energy bolstered by the assistance and aesthetics of their manager, glamorous Gary, DDTrash seem to be on an unstoppable winning streak.

But The Working Class claims they see through the endearing aura of the tag champs. Bishop Baylor and Griff Gatlin boast blue collar credentials they display boldly along with the chips on their shoulders. They’re not out to make friends, but to steal championships at all costs. With their compatriot Josh Williams in the hunt to become the first ever Regatta Champion, the SternWheel Slamboree could be an afternoon paved in gold for The Working Class.