January is National Soup Month. Soup is becoming one of the most controversial meal topics on social media: Is it a meal or not? In CWV, we believe it is a meal, and it is a meal that makes you warm and cozy on a cold winter day!

One hidden soup treasure in Charleston is Soho’s. Every day you will find made-from-scratch Minestrone and Escarole e Faggioli, plus a soup of the day. These soups are created and mastered by Soho’s seasoned cooks adding to the authenticity. Follow their Facebook page to get the daily specials.

If soup isn’t your thing, Soho’s offers other delicious dishes, including pasta and pizza. Plus, with the addition of the outdoor beer garden, you can safely enjoy a meal while dining outside this winter. If you are worried about the cold temperatures, you can carry out or get Soho’s delivered.