SEE 33 Vlog Series

The City of Charleston has launched a vlog series called SEE 33, which showcases the capital city’s arts, history and people. The name, SEE 33, refers to the city being 33 square miles.

“We live in an amazing city with amazing people who create amazing things. I’m excited to be able to share just a small part of this with you,” Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin said when launching the series in May 2020.

At the end of the series, and when it is safe to do so, the first 33 vlogs will be transformed into a scavenger hunt so that people can explore Charleston and see these places firsthand.

Episodes feature:

SEE 33 Episode 12 highlights the West Virginia Veterans Memorial and our State’s rich history of service.

SEE 33 Episode 11 highlights Power Mural by Rebecca Recco and Isaac Emrick.

Episode 10 highlights Lincoln Walks at Midnight, a rare depiction of Lincoln in a contemplative pose without the iconic hat or formal attire.

Episode 9 highlights Cabriole, a sculpture depicting an advanced ballet jump–not three men diving into water like many think.

Episode 8 highlights Bike Man, a piece of functional art that is a bike rack.

SEE 33 Episode 7 highlights the river industry and the Sternwheelers that kept the Kanawha River moving.


SEE 33 Episode 6 highlights the large scale wind driven kinetic sculpture, Deep Roots Long Reach, the first of its kind in Charleston.


SEE 33 Episode 5 highlights the monument honoring astronaut Christa McAuliffe, the first American civilian to go into space and who died aboard the Challenger space shuttle in 1986.


SEE 33 Episode 4 highlights the Henry Gassaway Davis sculpture, located in Davis Park.


SEE 33 Episode 3 highlights the Wonder Mural, located near the intersection of Washington Street, West and Tennessee Avenue.


SEE 33 Episode 2 highlights Charleston’s historic Spring Hill Cemetery Park


SEE 33 Episode 1 highlights Charleston’s smallest piece of public art–Mortar Man.