One does not simply pick a favorite Tudor’s Biscuit. The day decides


As we quickly found out, people are very vocal about their love of Tudor’s Biscuit World. Now we all know which biscuit is superior, the results are below.

  1. Mary B (Bacon, Egg, Cheese)
  2. Ron (Sausage, Egg, Cheese) & Peppi (Pepperoni & Melted Cheese)
  3. Dottie (Potato, Egg, Cheese)
  4. Miner (Bacon, Potato, Melted Cheese)
  5. Mickey (Canadian Bacon, Egg, Melted Cheese)
  6. Duke (Bacon, Potato, Egg, Cheese)
  7. Tootie (Country Ham, Egg, Cheese) & Mountaineer (Country Ham, Potato, Egg, Cheese)
  8. Rocket (Steak, Egg, Cheese) & Thundering Herd (Sausage, Egg, Potato, Cheese)