Local Companies Export Surprising Products 

Mushroom grow kits to Canada. Post-mastectomy pillows to South Korea. These are just two products produced by local businesses that were recently honored for exporting their products to new countries.

The Governor’s Commendation for International Market Entry Award, which is given to companies that made their first sale to a new country in the previous calendar year, recognized five Kanawha County businesses via virtual ceremony Aug. 26.

Billow Global, Inc. in Charleston exported post mastectomy pillows for breast cancer survivors to South Korea for the first time.

DRK Studios in Saint Albans is a Specialty FX studio producing props, masks and prosthetics, and Escape Room Development. DRK exported product to Germany for the first time.

Hernshaw Farms, LLC, a gourmet mushroom farm, exported its mushroom grow kits to Canada.

Belle Chemical exported chemicals to Japan for the first time.

Industrial Bolting Technologies, Inc. in Charleston, manufactures the TorsionX product line. TorsionX tools were exported to Chile, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Canada, South Korea, and South Africa.