Folklore Music Exchange

1025 Quarrier St Charleston, WV 25301
Live music, Shop Local

Coming from a music family, Justin discovered his love of music at a young age and it quickly became a passion. In 2010 he moved to Beckley, WV, and began working at a guitar shop. From there he knew that one day he wanted to open a shop of his own where he could help musicians of all levels and create a welcoming space for the community.

Although Jodie always had an innate love of the arts, it wasn’t until she met Justin that music moved to the forefront. With his encouragement they formed a band in 2013 (The Parachute Brigade) with a few of their best friends and from there the love only grew. Using her degrees in Graphic Design and Studio Art, along with the skills she had developed working for small businesses, she worked to help make Justin’s vision a reality.

Together, Justin and Jodie opened Folklore Music Exchange in May 2019.