JQD Salt Works

One of the Kanawha Valley’s most precious hidden gems is JQ Dickinson Salt-Works. Whether you love history, beautiful scenery, or food, JQD is a place you want to visit.

JQD originally started in 1813 and began producing salt in 1817. Did you know salt was the first industry in the Kanawha Valley? Malden, WV was considered the salt capital of the east. The salt industry flourished for years. Most of the production was shipped to Cincinnati for meat packing. When refrigeration was invented, the once-famous salt industry began to decline.

Today, two seventh-generation descendants of William Dickinson, siblings Nancy Bruns and Lewis Payne, have tapped the old salt wells and reinvented the process. Instead on burning the brine, JQD has begun an evaporation process in special sun houses. All the products are hand harvested to create the perfect flavor for any dish.

JQD is more than just salt producers, they offer history tours of the facility and have the perfect backdrop for any outdoor event.

Stop by Monday through Saturday between 10am – 4pm to shop or for a tour. If you prefer to stay home and shop, they offer an online store.