Charleston Needs: Ellen’s Homemade Ice Cream

During the Pandemic, we at Ellen’s have discovered that ice cream really is a comfort food.  Our customers are so happy to be able to get ice cream and have been so appreciative of our efforts to serve them safely.  We are serving ice cream, gelato, sorbet, sherbet and fabulous seasonal flavors.  These are all available in cones or cups, and pints and quarts.

We also continue to serve lunch.  Again, we are striving to stay safe by limiting the number of customers in the shop, no indoor seating, masks are required, employees wear masks and gloves, and are separated from customers with a plexiglass shield. Touchless payment is always available.  We continue to accept phone orders and we are happy to deliver curb-side.  Our lunch menu includes soup, salads, wraps, grilled cheese, hummus, pita and veggies. If you want a quick, high quality lunch, Ellen’s has that for you.

We are anticipating the arrival of a couple of propane heaters so that if you wish, you may be able to sit outside, at least until it gets bitterly cold!

Our highest priority in 2020/21 is to keep our customers and our employees safe.  We are happy that we can still offer you delicious ice cream, lunch, coffee, espresso and cookies during this craziest of times.  Ice cream really does seem to make people feel happier!!  When there is nowhere anyone can go to celebrate, take the celebration home with Ellen’s Ice Cream!!

Ellen’s Homemade Ice Cream is also available at, Drug Emporium in Kanawha City and Patrick Street, and at Tamarack.

Ellen’s Homemade Ice Cream
225 Capitol Street
Charleston, WV