Charleston Needs: Barkadas

Colorful dish at Barkadas.Though they opened this family-owned restaurant three short weeks before the pandemic hit, it was a dream in the hearts of the owners for more than 20 years. A neighborhood place where “everyone knows your name.” A place with amazing food and service in a cozy atmosphere that truly makes it feel like a home away from home. A way to bring the people of Charleston together and create a tight community within the community. They wanted to bring back “family dinner,” so they even created a special family table with that in mind. Note: Barkadas doesn’t take reservations, but for the family table because it’s the most requested spot in the place!

Interior of Barkadas.Owners Jay and Beth Cinco and Virgil Sadorra have blended their Filipino and American heritages into a place where, even during a global pandemic, regulars are frequenting and creating the little community of which the owners dreamed.  Charleston continues to show up, and Barkadas is honored to serve the city with fresh fusion options and a neighborly welcome!