Bricks & Barrels

Since it first opened, locals have flocked to Bricks and Barrels. Diners love the restaurant’s interior, which includes wooden wine and whiskey barrels used as dining tables contrasted against the rustic brick façade. Many of the building’s original elements have been incorporated into the design, like a massive old safe that serves as the entrance to the walk-in keg cooler behind the bar, old freight elevator gates that make a rustic-yet-modern railing around the stage area, and pulleys from the antique elevator system refashioned into lighting rigs. Toward the back of the restaurant, private seating areas are tucked into rounded alcoves that are lined with wood, providing the illusion that the diner is sitting inside a giant wine barrel.

The atmosphere isn’t the only thing people love about Bricks and Barrels. The food is exquisite. To get the entire experience, you must enjoy several courses starting with an appetizer. This might be your hardest decision.  We recommend either the calamari, bacon wrapped shrimp, or the signature fried green tomato napoleon. Why chose just one? Get all three! Next you will want to have something light and the burrata salad is the go-to. Even though you are probably stuffed at this point, you need an entrée. Also, a very difficult decision. Some local favorites include the PB&J burger, shrimp and grits, Chilean sea bass, or the bone-in ribeye.

A meal at Bricks and Barrels is not complete without an adult beverage from Charleston’s favorite bartender two-time champ Drew Smith. In addition to having an award-winning bartender, the bar includes craft beer from several West Virginia breweries, top rated wines, and tasty cocktails. If you are unsure of the best drink to pair with your meal, just ask Drew!