Take Care of Yourself

Self-care is extremely important, especially in times of uncertainty. Team Charleston has some ideas to help you.

  1. Take a long bath or shower. Set the candles up. Lock the door and escape with some alone time. If you need some lovely bath products, order online with Green Infusion, Kin Ship Goods or Oddbird Gifts.
  2. Call a friend or family member. As social creatures, it is extremely important to stay connected to each other.
  3. Read something inspirational or funny. Browse the Kanawha County Public Library’s ebook list. Or order yourself a new book through Taylor Books.
  4. Take time to exercise. Lifespring Yoga and The Folded Leaf are offering digital yoga classes daily to get you started.
  5. Do something that made you happy as a kid. This can include jump rope, hopscotch, play flashlight tag (just no touching).
  6. Take a few minutes for alone time, daily!
  7. Make a getaway, while staying home. While continuing to practice social distancing, find a new hiking trail, go on a mural walk through Charleston, or daydream of future vacations.
  8. #Treatyoself to a delicious dessert or comfort food.
  9. Relieve stress with online shopping. Several of your favorite Charleston retailers offer online shopping and gift card options.
  10. Make yourself a Quarantine Cocktail, kick back and binge watch anything that makes you feel better.

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