Staying Fit While Staying Home

We partnered with Tabetha Peros from Elite Training to provide you with some tips to stay healthy at home. Tabetha is a personal trainer with 13+ years of experience, she is owner of Elite Training in Kanawha City. Contact her about personalized at-home workouts and Zoom app group workout classes during this time at 304-617-1936 or via Facebook.

Guest writer – Tabetha Peros

While everyone is staying in, I know it’s hard to stay motivated. Boredom and depression can set in while being limited on the things we can do right now. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins along with other chemicals; these chemicals raise your energy level and play an important part in your mood. Along with contributing to a positive mood, exercise has several other health benefits. It helps decrease the risk of several health conditions, helps to increase muscle tone and bone density, aids in weight loss, promotes better sleep, and much more.

There are many simple exercises you can do to stay active while at home. Couch sits or squats can be done while in front of your TV. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and simply squat down to couch height and stand back up. Pushups are an exercise that anyone can do—they can be done from the floor, an elevated surface, or even the wall.

Below is a list of many more that you can do even with no equipment. For these exercises, try 10 or 10 on each side on Day 1. If this is difficult for you, decrease your reps and have a goal to complete this amount of reps in the following weeks. If 10 reps is easy, increase the reps and go through them 2-3 times. You can try a few of the exercises on the first day and then complete the other exercises the next day.


Dips (off a chair or couch)

-Jumping jacks

High knees

Mountain climbers


-Invisible jump rope


Jump squats

Plank jacks


Pulse squats

Walkout to plank-walk back




When we have a nice day out, I encourage everyone to get outside; go for a walk, jog, or hike, find a set of steps to climb, or walk a driveway or hill with an incline to burn more calories.

I hope everyone takes this time to stay healthy, fit, and motivated.


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