Shaving Tips from The Bully Trap Barber Shop

First and foremost, Bully Trap Barber Shop would like to thank the community for always having our back. We are all in this together and continue to strive to give back as much as possible. Here are some tips for at home self-care for you fellow patrons. This first part is on shaving for the folks who stay smooth.

Shaving Tips

It’s best to always shave after a shower because the heat of the steam helps open the pores but also helps the hairs loosen up and get softer to help for smoother shave.
If you’d prefer to shave before showering, no worries! Just grab a hand towel, let it run under hot water until towel is hot and steaming. When temperature is comfortable enough to apply to face heat-wise, fold towel (hot dog shaped) and wrap around face leaving nose vented to breath. Leave on face for about 5 minutes. Once time is up, put towel aside and run warm to hot water in your sink. Keep the stream going. While face is still damp from hot towel grab your favorite preferred brand of shaving cream and lather face up in circle motion to help break up hairs more on face. I suggest at home to use a standard safety razor. Start and take off hair with grain. Rinse blade after every few strokes to get hairs off. Once face feels smooth, rinse and re-apply shaving cream and this time go with grain carefully to collect any hairs that were missed. After once-over is done and you are completely smooth, turn water to cold, grab the towel you set aside that you used earlier as a hot towel, and let it get nice and cold. Ring towel out and apply to face same way as hot towel and leave on for at least 5 minutes. This closes your pores you have opened with hot towel. Once 5 minutes is up, take off the towel, grab a fresh dry one and pat dry your face off. Apply your favorite aftershave to help cool down and cleanse. If you have sensitive skin, you can use witch hazel and then an oil-free face cream.

Hope this helps. Bully Trap can’t wait to get back behind the chair! Much love, Charleston!

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