How we can beat COVID 19 together

  1. #StayHomeWV: Stay home, as much as possible. Limit your essential shopping to once a week or less.
  2. Avoid Crowds & Gatherings: Be smart about entering places of business that are too full. Try to get grocery pick up or delivery, if possible.
  3. Practice Safe Social Distancing: The CDC recommends 6 feet apart, and now to wear masks in public areas.
  4. Know when to seek care: Follow the CDC guidelines on when to seek care and how to appropriately do it.
  5. Check the state’s website for information: For the most up to date information visit WV DHHR.
  6. Wash hands and surfaces: Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, multiple times a day. You can sing the chorus of your favorite song to help you remember the time. Wipe down surfaces that are touched often with either disinfectant wipes or bleach solutions.
  7. Apply for Benefits: If you are a displaced worker, small business owner, or anyone needing some help to survive this crisis, please apply for benefits.
  8. Prioritize mental health: Please take care of yourself. Take time everyday to do something that benefits you. Whether it be taking a walk, reading a book, turning off media (including social media), whatever you love to do.
  9. Do not travel: Plain and simple, do not travel anywhere.


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