Fund Helps Service Workers

Charleston law firm Mani Ellis & Lanye, PLLC announced it is sponsoring an initiative to help local service workers whose finances have been impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Better Together CWV has been organized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit involving multiple businesses and retailers to assist unemployed service workers and/or service workers suffering from reduced income due to the ever-changing circumstances the COVID-19 outbreak has created.

The COVID-19 Better Together CWV Fund will help in real ways by:

  • Providing assistance for service workers facing unforeseen hardships, approved transportation, and ensuring food and housing security.
  • Helping provide a “family support” subsidy for those displaced workers with child and elder care responsibilities.

​If you are interested in applying for assistance, you may fill out an online form at Your application will be reviewed, and you should receive a response within 72 hours.

“Our law firm is undertaking a key sponsorship of this initiative, which will help provide necessary support to the dedicated and selfless service workers whose income has been negatively affected by the Coronavirus pandemic,” said Attorney Bernie Layne III, a partner at the law firm. “When times are tough, the residents of Charleston have shown time and time again that they will work together for their neighbors and help members of the community by providing the necessary support. We’re all in this together.”

Charleston Council Member At-Large Jennifer Pharr and Anthony Paranzino, who serves as Director of Tailoring & Design at the Charleston business Tony The Tailor, are organizers of this effort.

​Associated hashtags: #CharlestonStrong    #BetterTogetherCWV    #TeamCharlestonWV

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