Spotlight on the Arts: WaterMedia Trio Show

30Aug 2017

The WaterMedia Trio exhibition, showcasing the watercolor and acrylic works of three female artists with West Virginia ties, moves into The Art Store Sept. 9. Chris Krupinski, Laurie Goldsmith-Warren, and Pamela Gatens are all Signature Members of the West Virginia Watercolor Society and will exhibit recent works that are Impressionistic, Abstract, and Photo-Realistic. The exhibit’s wide-range of subject matter includes still life, portraiture, landscape, and abstract. As with any art exhibit, a degree in Fine Arts is not required to enjoy this showing. 

Chris Krupinski’s work has been shown internationally in China, Greece, Italy, and Turkey, and she has won more than 100 national awards and honors. Details are the focus of Chris’s painting, with light and shadow being an intricate part of her photo-realistic work. 

Laurie Goldsmith-Warren is well credentialed, having exhibited across the United States and internationally. People, places, and things are the focus of Laurie’s work. When deciding on a subject to paint, she tries to look not only at the subject itself, but at the beauty (sometimes hidden) in the colors, shadows, and perception of the object. 

Pamela Gatens comes from an artistic family; her father was a professional photographer and her mother an expert seamstress. She paints almost every day and loves to use bright colors, which she feels embody freedom. Pamela’s work is also exhibited online with Carlton Varney, and at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs.