Are You Charlie West?

01May 2013

Charleston residents are seeing some very familiar faces representing the city. The Charleston Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) today launched its new campaign, “I’m Charlie West” with a kickoff at Appalachian Power Park.

"The campaign was created from a study that indicated the number one reason people come to Charleston is to visit family and friends,” said Alisa Bailey, CVB president. “To that end, our residents turn out to be our ambassadors for the city visitation.”

The campaign utilizes local personalities, such as Mayor Danny Jones, Bob Thompson and Larry Groce, just to name a few. These “ambassadors”relate why Charleston is a great place to work, play and stay - why they love Charleston. All advertising culminates in the ambassador proclaiming “I’m Charlie West!”

The Charlie West logo includes varying icons to reinforce what the city offers to tourists, including culinary, arts, lodging, outdoor and healthy living, and music themes, among others.

The campaign will include print and broadcast media ads, electronic marketing, billboards and a social media component – all driving the audience to the CVB’s newly designed website.

“By engaging the community and having them embrace what they love about Charleston we’re able to market the city as more than just a place to meet, but as a destination as well,” said Bailey.

The campaign’s strong social media strategy encourages residents and visitors alike to get involved in the campaign and declare why they are “Charlie West” by posting to social media channels or uploading photos of the things they love about Charleston. Twitter and Instagram users are encouraged to use #CWV and like the CVB on Facebook to upload photos.

In addition to Jones, Thompson and Groce, other local “I’m Charlie West” ambassadors, include:
  • Chris Dutch, owner, Chris Dutch Stained Glass Studio
  • Reverend Matthew J. Watts – senior pastor, Grace Bible Church of Charleston
  • Ivor Sheff, owner, Ivor’s Trunk
  • Nancy Ward, owner, Cornucopia
  • Chris Lawrence, West Virginia Outdoors, MetroNews
  • Wafa Hamaty, owner, Nougat Maison du Chocolat
  • Jenifer McAndrews – news anchor, WCHS
  • Georgette George – president, Monarch Family Hotels
  • Carina Kwok – owner, Main Kwong/Umami/Sweet Spoon
  • Belle Manjong – owner, B.Belle Events 
“I’m honored to represent the city,” said Georgette George, who is president of Monarch Family Hotels. “I chose to come back here because of everything the city embodies to me. I’m truly Charlie West.” 

To view the current “I’m Charlie West” commercial, visit YouTube