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Top 10 Things To Do In January

03Jan 2017

1. Charleston's favorite reason to try a new restaurant is back. Grab your friends and enjoy Restaurant Week.

2. Winter Jam heats up Charleston.

3. Time to start planning the 2017 wedding at the annual Wedding Expo.

4. The Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences funnest fundraiser, Carnaval 2017: Supernova.

5. If it is time to trade in the ol' junker, come to the WV International Auto Show to find your new car.

6. If your life needs some laughs, come out to see Rodney Carrington.

7. Time for a sweet treat at Charleston's newest full-service bakery, Rock City Cake Company.

8. Are you the baddest in town? Prove it at the Rough & Rowdy Brawl.

9.  WV Hunting & Fishing show is the place to find the newest and hottest things for any outdoor person.

10.  Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy features an international cast of soaring aerialists, spine-bending contortionists, acrobats, jugglers and musicians. 
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Taking the Neverending Day West

27Jan 2016

I’m waking up to the same day over and over, but this ain’t Punxsutawney. 

Same weather, same people on the streets, same greetings. “Good morning to you!” Same icy puddle as I’m headed to the same store, Taylor Books.

I first noticed the phenomenon yesterday and tried to switch directions, visiting new places in the city and eating at different restaurants. 

Still, I find myself in the same spot, trying to diverge once again. So, this morning, I went west – literally, to Charleston’s West Side. 

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Tidewater, a 30 Year Tradition

26Jan 2016

As one of Charleston’s longest standing restaurants, Tidewater continues to serve quality food people can’t resist. Thanks to Chef, Jack Neophyto, the restaurant’s culinary excellence comes with a heaping helping of love that stems from his upbringing and the city he calls home.

Jack is a Charleston, W.Va., native with a rich Greek background who has a serious passion for cooking. His biggest inspiration is his father, who taught him everything from day one, “He had taught me a lot of tricks and trades when I was younger. I envy him. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. He taught me everything.” With his father’s guidance and a love for Charleston, Jack remains loyal to his regulars and welcomes visiting foodies to indulge in their seafood filled menu.

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Same Day, New Day, More Eats in CWV

26Jan 2016

I awoke again, coincidently enough, to the clock radio playing “Get Found.” Strange. Did the station play this every morning?

Regardless, I was pumped for a second full day in CWV. 

So I hit the snooze bar, and I’m experiencing déjà vu for some reason. But I decided to explore. Charleston is thawing, and I’m excited to see what the city has to offer. 

… Wow. This is familiar. 

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