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Tidewater, a 30 Year Tradition

26Jan 2016

As one of Charleston’s longest standing restaurants, Tidewater continues to serve quality food people can’t resist. Thanks to Chef, Jack Neophyto, the restaurant’s culinary excellence comes with a heaping helping of love that stems from his upbringing and the city he calls home.

Jack is a Charleston, W.Va., native with a rich Greek background who has a serious passion for cooking. His biggest inspiration is his father, who taught him everything from day one, “He had taught me a lot of tricks and trades when I was younger. I envy him. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. He taught me everything.” With his father’s guidance and a love for Charleston, Jack remains loyal to his regulars and welcomes visiting foodies to indulge in their seafood filled menu.

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Four Pillars of Fusion Success

25Jan 2016

“Andri is not just a host, just a manager, just a chef. He’s not just a menu designer; he’s not just a restaurant designer. He’s all of that!” stated Daniel Hart, the architect designer of Su Tei, a unique Asian blend of four cuisines—Thai, Hibachi, Indonesian and Sushi.

Andri Purwanto (although most folks just call him Andri), is the driving force behind one of Charleston West Virginia’s most successful  and unique dining experiences.  Whether it is grabbing a drink after work to business lunch over sushi, to scheduling a private room family dinner, Su Tei leaves its guests with the WOW! factor.

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Charleston Restaurant Week

20Jan 2016

Charleston Restaurant Week is returning Jan. 25 - 30. 

Enjoy a three course meal for only $30 at your favorite local eatery. Don't forget to follow the excitement by using #cwvrestweek.
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