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East End Fun for Everyone

12Jul 2016

At the CVB we are quickly referring to the July 16th weekend as the “East End Weekend.” Yes there are other things going on throughout the city, but several events are happening on the East End. So if you are looking for something fun to do, we have plenty for you to enjoy. Read more →

Groundhog Day Ends in CWV

02Feb 2016

I took a seat at the bar. The jukebox was playing “Get Found.” How fitting. 

The Red Carpet is a Charleston treasure. People here love it. It’s casual and sometimes loud. It has outside seating surrounded by a wooden fence. Inside, it’s cozy and warm. 

On this night, the Carpet was fairly quiet. 

The bartender and I struck up a conversation, and I told him my stories. 

How each day started the same but led to different experiences – great experiences. 

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From Disc Golf to Grilled Cheese

01Feb 2016

By evening, I was back on the East End enjoying pimiento grilled cheese at Bluegrass Kitchen. Vermont cheddar, jalapenos, Spanish pimientos and tomato. If you’re thinking, “That sounds awesome,” you are correct.

Bluegrass Kitchen is all about creativity. It’s open and pastoral. Very welcoming. And the dishes – which are farm-to-table – are inspired and imaginative. 

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