Whoopi Goldberg—What You Might Not Know

08May 2016

She is controversial, ribald and somewhat of an enigma.  But one thing is for sure - she is a consummate (albeit off-beat) actress and Hollywood personality.  Some things you might not know about Whoopi according to several online sources:
  1. She’s an EGOT.  She joins a small group of stars who have all won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony.
  2. She was only the second black woman to win an Oscar (for her role in Ghost).
  3. She admitted smoking pot before receiving that award.
  4. She now owns a medicinal hemp company focusing on treatments for women.
  5. Before becoming famous she was a licensed beautician, a brick layer and a phone sex operator.
  6. Her real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson and her stage name came from being known as quite flatulent.
  7. She’s been married three times, but most know that part of her life from her romantic relationship with Ted Danson, whom she convinced into wearing blackface at her Friar’s Club event.
  8. She’s known as a staunch liberal but is a card carrying member of the National Rifle Association.
  9. She’s hosted the Oscars four times.
  10. She initially defended Bill Cosby.
  11. She defended Mel Gibson saying he was not a racist.
So whatever you may think about Whoopi, she is an eclectic superstar who will not disappoint! Catch her act when she appears in Charleston at the Clay Center for Arts and Sciences on May 21, 2016. Tickets range from $39 to $99, to purchase click here.

By: Alisa Bailey
Charleston CVB

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