Trivillian’s Pharmacy and Old Fashioned Soda Fountain

05Jun 2016

By: Rick Burka
Charleston City Councilman 
President of the Kanawha City Community Association

Mark Ross, the new owner of Trivillian’s ,saw opportunity in the old Kanawha City pharmacy and soda fountain shop. Ross has two other pharmacies in the Milton and Ceredo communities. “It’s the way it used to be 20 years ago” Ross said.  "It appeals to me the unique nature of a soda fountain pharmacy." Today we have two such pharmacy and soda fountain shops within a 50 mile area of Charleston. Trivillian’s has been around serving the community for 65 years.

The interior seating area has been expanded and is a meeting place for locals in the know.  The menu will be recognized by anyone whose first visit was when they were a child.  Hamburgers, milkshakes, chicken salad and of course their famous hot dogs.   Breakfast service is new to the establishment, but is already popular.

Kanawha City Community Association would like to welcome Mark Ross and the Trivillian’s staff to KC and hope for continued success. 

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