The official start of summer in #CWV

24May 2016

My friends and I have a few catchphrases.  I’m sure that you and your friends do, too.  You know, the things you say to each other that serve as a reminder of some shared experience or perhaps an inside joke.  They’re funny or significant to your group, but if heard outside the confines of your circle they make absolutely no sense.

So it is with us and the line, “Get ya a bite to eat, get ya a beverage.”

If you live in Charleston and you regularly attend Live on the Levee, then you’ve heard this phrase countless times.  Maybe you recognize it, maybe you don’t.  But it’s one of the catchphrases regularly spoken by emcee Jim Strawn each Friday night during the summer. And for us it has become a rallying cry, a call to arms if you will, that signifies perhaps our favorite group activity.

And so it is my sincere pleasure to remind you all that it’s once again time to get ya a bite to eat and get ya a beverage and enjoy some free live music along the banks of the mighty Kanawha River, surrounded by the beautiful mountains of West Virginia.  Live on the Levee returns this Friday night.

LOTL, as it’s lovingly known on social media, is perhaps my favorite thing about Charleston in the summertime. How many other cities can boast a free weekly concert in their downtown?  The venue is picturesque and the music is world class.  It’s a family friendly activity that brings together people from all walks of life.  And did I mention that it’s free?

The first LOTL is always special.  Even though we see our friends throughout the fall and winter, there’s something special about the Levee.  It’s cathartic, I think.  It’s symbolic of the return of warm nights, cold beer and great conversation.  It’s our thing, it’s what we do.  There is no longer the need to send out a group text trying to make Friday evening plans.  For the next few months, Friday night is taken care of.  We show up knowing that our friends will be there, probably in the same spot each week.  And we show up knowing that we’re going to have fun.

In some way, Jim Strawn has become central to this.  To be clear, when we quote him it’s not mockingly.  It’s an homage.  In this thing that has become central to our summer fun, Strawn is the ringmaster.  We quote him like we used to quote the catchphrases from our favorite movies and TV shows.  It’s truly out of love and respect.

So Friday night come out to the first Moses Auto Group Live on the Levee.  The lineup features the iconic Bob Thompson Band followed by Hybrid Soul Project.

Just remember, if you got ‘em and you gotta smoke ‘em, we do allow smoking up on the Boulevard.  Please keep the steps clear.  And get ya a bite to eat, get ya a beverage.

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