Same Day, New Day, More Eats in CWV

26Jan 2016

By Danny Forinash

Travel Writer

I awoke again, coincidently enough, to the clock radio playing “Get Found.” Strange. Did the station play this every morning?

Regardless, I was pumped for a second full day in CWV. 

So I hit the snooze bar, and I’m experiencing déjà vu for some reason. But I decided to explore. Charleston is thawing, and I’m excited to see what the city has to offer. 

Across the street is Charleston’s urban mall, the Town Center. I grabbed some coffee at Starbucks and began my search for breakfast. … Wow. This is familiar. 

Charleston’s a friendly place. I received some friendly hellos, including one from Rod Blackstone, the deputy mayor, who I passed at this exact spot yesterday.

“Good morning to you!” he said. Same thing as yesterday. Odd. 

I stepped in an icy puddle –again – but soon found warmth just a couple blocks away in a chill, cozy store called Taylor Books. 


And I was starting to get a hankering for fried feta at Adelphia. 


Something was off. I checked my phone. I know it’s crazy, but the date hadn’t changed. It was yesterday. Yesterday was today. I was reliving it. 

Check out my “first” day in Charleston. It was happening again. 

I’d switch it up. Instead of another coffee at Taylor Books, I’d explore. 

I continued down Capitol Street, enjoying the winter scene for a few blocks, and ended up at Capitol Market, a quaint farmers market developed from an old rail yard and train station. It includes a wine shop, a grocery store and gift shop carrying a wide variety of local products. (I was especially excited to find some unique Blenko Glass pieces.)

I grabbed a fantastic expresso at the Mea Cuppa Coffeebar and then discovered the Charleston Visitors Center, where Rekko with the CVB offered a long list of suggestions for places to go and sites to see. Whatever had happened with the day, I was happy to have more time in this remarkable city. 

I relaxed at one of the Market’s table and enjoyed today’s – er, yesterday’s – Charleston Gazette-Mail. Suddenly, lunchtime had arrived, and Johnnies Fresh Meat Market caught my eye. I could make my own sandwich there and choose the ingredients. I went with a buffalo chicken sandwich on grilled sourdough, and I can’t emphasize enough what a fantastic choice I’d made. I have a feeling all the sandwiches are excellent. 

Delicious food – it reminded me Restaurant Week was in full swing. I had some nearby options. 

I wish I could experience all the locations – and the way the week is going, that might happen. The menus for Soho’s (also at Capitol Market) and Bricks & Barrels at were enticing, but I opted for Paterno’s, located at Power Park. 

I caught a movie at Park Place Cinemas downtown, which features a colorful, revamped lobby and allows you to pour and butter your own popcorn. 

Then I moved on to the beautiful Clay Center for the Arts & Sciences, which hosts a variety of excellent performances throughout the year and houses the Avampato Discovery Museum. They have some wonderful art on display, including a quilt exhibit – appropriate enough with the cold weather. 

On to dinner. The Restaurant Week deal is three courses for $30. I started with Paterno’s citrus spinach salad, which perfectly combines fresh produce and a tangy dressing. I could eat this every day for lunch. 

One entrée option is filet mignon and balsamic glazed salmon over a polenta cake, trufle mashed potatoes and asparagus. So you can imagine how difficult it was for me to go with the other choice – a pasta trio. 

I don’t regret it. 

That dish features sausage and pea rigatoni, spaghetti and pasta niki, along with a meatball. This is Italian at its best. The flavors fit together seamlessly, and the presentation is wonderful. 

I was stuffed, but I made room for delectable tiramisu. 

Do not miss the tiramisu. I repeat - Do not miss the tiramisu. 

Charleston’s developing Warehouse District is peppered with great dining options. I’ll be back for more. 

Depending on what happens tomorrow, I might be back today. 

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