Repeating Never Tasted This Good

28Jan 2016

By Danny Forinash

Travel Writer

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 … 

Captain Crunch Fried Shrimp. 

That’s another fantastic thing you’ll find in Charleston, WV. 

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I woke up in a different hotel. But the day hadn’t changed. 

I’m living the same day over and over. I’m Phil Connors in CWV. I meet the same folks in the same places. I step in that same ice puddle. The same tune starts each morning. 

I’m concerned, sure. But the good news is, I’m living the same day in a wonderful place. Each morning brings a new set of worthwhile experiences. 

Embassy Suites is a fine place to spend the night in Charleston. The rooms and floors are situated around an open atrium. 

Even still, I’ve opted to change it up again and try a night at Four Points. 

I also decided to change directions. After a day on the West Side, I headed to Charleston’s East End, another growing community boasting charisma, color and character. Art is everywhere, and the East End celebrates regularly – the Pub Crawl in March and HallowEast in October, as examples. 

Breakfast happened at Starlings Coffee & Provisions. It’s quaint and comfy, and the pastry counter displays a variety of organic cookies, pies, scones and muffins. (But it’s more than just a breakfast place – you can return for pizza, salad and wine in the evening.) 

I enjoyed a bagel and latte then began touring the neighborhood. One stop was Sullivan’s Records on Washington Street. It’s got tons of vinyl from all genres – new and old – and I lost an hour there checking out the collection. 

Lunch happened at Little India, where I enjoyed a plateful of chicken saag and aloo paratha (wheat bread stuffed with spiced potatoes). If you’re ever in the area – which you really should be – I suggest visiting Little India for a meal. It even features an upstairs bar called Fireside Lounge which regularly hosts live comedy and music. 

As I’ve emphasized in previous posts, I’ve been fortunate to repeat and repeat and repeat during Restaurant Week, which has 20 restaurants offering three courses for $30

My next stop would be B&D Gastropub, which was a short cab ride away near Charleston’s Kanawha City. 

To pass the time, I visited one Charleston’s best known landmarks – the gold-domed Capitol. It’s striking, especially accentuated with snow. And the grounds are rich with history – statues, monuments and brief tidbits relaying the state’s story. West Virginia’s 150 years have been rife with proud, significant milestones. Fan of Abe Lincoln? You should really visit Charleston.

Anyway, back to the Captain Crunch Shrimp. 

I found it at B&D, which combines the sports bar experience and topnotch dining. It’s a great place for a burger, but it’s also an opportunity to try some inventive dishes. 

Course 1: Captain Crunch Shrimp. Sounds weird. Does it work? YES! It’s sweet and savory, and the shrimp is perfectly cooked. B&D improved on Captain Crunch, and what’s more, it’s doesn’t scrape the roof of your mouth.

Course 2: Nori-wrapped brook trout with crayfish cornbread stuffing. The spices are excellent and meld perfectly with the fish and cornbread, which are mixed withing the wraps. It’s a massive amount of food, and you’ll finish every bit. 

Course 3: Mocha bread pudding with bourbon sauce. YES! It’s crisp and caramelized, not mushy. If bread pudding can be impeccable, this is it. 

And let me repeat myself – Captain Crunch Fried Shrimp.

But I should also divulge I tried the other appetizer option, Crab Rangoon Spring Rolls, too. And were they incredible? YES!

And now I’m at Four Points by Sheraton, another stellar hotel in downtown Charleston. It’s been an excellent day. Again.

Maybe I’ve triggered some change that will make tomorrow … well … tomorrow. 

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