Local and National Acts Unite for Sound Check Sessions

04May 2016

The Clay Center has opened up its stage to music lovers and musicians for a unique night at the theater. Dim lighting, people sharing drinks and mingling around table tops, and the grand theater filled with plush seats lay as the backdrop for this one of a kind experience.  The ambiance is alluring and the music is always awesome.

The Sound Check Sessions concert series will get you out of your seat and on stage to dance to your favorite local band, and a national act passing through Charleston on their way to their next destination. May 14 will have you movin’ and groovin’ to the beat of Andy Frasco & THE UN, a “party blues” band with a boisterous barefoot front man, and local rockers Farnsworth.

Take a peek at what’s to come!

Farnsworth sounds

And don't be fooled by this "tame" performance... Andy Frasco & THE U.N. know how to party down

By: Mallory Richards
Partner Relations & Public Relations Specialist 
Charleston CVB

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