From Disc Golf to Grilled Cheese

01Feb 2016

By Danny Forinash

Travel Writer

Ever tried disc golf? It’s a growing sport, and in Charleston, WV, where I’ve spent the last day …

… or week …  Day 1 … Day 2 … Day 3 … Day 4 … Day 5 ... Day 6 ... Day 7 ...

its popularity is apparent by the numerous courses, including Redeemer Lutheran and Coonskin Park. 

I decided to give it a try. I rented a car – which is pretty cheap when you’re repeating a day over and over – and drove to nearby South Charleston, where I enjoyed some nice sweet and sour chicken at Taste of Asia. 

Then on to Little Creek Park, where you’ll find 18 holes. And by holes, I mean baskets. I’d purchased a “putter” and “driver” – a pair of discs – and began a snowy round. 

Hole one required eight tosses to reach the chains, but by the final hole a couple of hours later, I was averaging seven! 

Okay, okay – I need practice. But hey, I’ve got plenty of time. 

And if I ever escape this day, I’ll be returning the CWV Feb. 6 at Shawnee Golf Course in Dunbar for Ice Bowl. Register here. It’s just $20, and you get a free disc. All skill levels are welcome. 

It’s funny. If I still existed within the normal calendar, tomorrow would be Groundhog Day. 

By evening, I was back on the East End enjoying pimiento grilled cheese at Bluegrass Kitchen. Vermont cheddar, jalapenos, Spanish pimientos and tomato. If you’re thinking, “That sounds awesome,” you are correct.

Bluegrass Kitchen is all about creativity. It’s open and pastoral. Very welcoming. And the dishes – which are farm-to-table – are inspired and imaginative. 

I was happily starting to accept this day, literally would never end as I started walking back to the bed & breakfast. 

First though – a drink at The Empty Glass, one of Charleston’s many charismatic bars. This happens to be one that has hosted hundreds of notable musicians over the years – many stopping by after a set on “Mountain Stage.” 

Okay, so it was a few drinks. And just before midnight, I was again headed to bed when I noticed another joint – The Red Carpet. Sure, why not. 

I stepped in, and …

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