Charleston Seafood Week

08Oct 2016

National Seafood Week began in 2007 to help educate the American citizens on the benefits of a healthy diet that includes seafood. Each year the Seafood Nutrition Partnership conducts grassroots public health educational programs in eight markets in the United States, including West Virginia with a focus Charleston. These markets were chosen in order educate citizens about the health benefits of seafood and how to include it more frequently into daily meals.

 Seafood can literally save your life. It is estimated 50,000 people could avoid cardiovascular disease each year by eating seafood as recommended. USDA Dietary Guidelines recommend at least two servings of seafood each week for optimum heart health. Pledge to eat seafood twice a week by taking the Healthy Heart Pledge today at and start improving your heart health and helping improve the health of WV today.

For a complete list of the restaurants participating in Seafood Week, check out their Facebook page.  So, get off the couch, walk to your favorite restaurant and try some delicious seafood dishes. Who knows, this might become your new “go to” dish.

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