Celtic Calling Family Bike Ride

28Feb 2016

West Virginia Connecting Communities invites you to join the Celtic Calling Family Bike Ride.

Charleston is a great place to ride a bike with miles of flat streets, many with minimal traffic. But you can find some challenging hills if you want to test your strength and endurance.  This family ride will be four-miles long on easy flat quiet streets in the picturesque east end of town.  With the Celtic theme you'll be reminded of Charleston's rich history of Irish and Scottish forefathers, riding on streets named Morris, Dickinson, Jackson and Thompson to name a few. And yes, wearing a kilt is not only allowed it is encouraged.

Before the bike ride the Charleston Police Bike Patrol will be partnering with WVCC to host a bike rodeo for kids ages 4 to 12.  Have your child test his or her riding abilities on a skills course. All bike rodeo participants will receive a certificate of completion. Not only is it fun for the kids it teaches them the essentials of bike safety.

So grab you helmet and gloves, pump up your tires and meet at Appalachian Power Park at noon on Sunday, March 6, to test your child's skills then saddle up for the group ride through town.  

This is a free event open to all. Just remember helmets are required.  

For more information click here or contact Dennis Strawn.

For more information on all the Celtic Calling events, visit their website.

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